Let the masquerade party begin! Meet our partner “La Stranacasa” and CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM.

The Italian party market is best-known for the lavish Venetian-styled carnivals and celebrations which take place throughout the country.

We had a chat with a true expert on the subject, our new friend Marco Marchionni, founder of one of the most active masquerade top party e-tailers on the continent CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM, the e-store of “La Stranacasa Halloween Center” in Genoa, who told us what can be found beyond the mask.

“It all began 15 years ago and we just thought it would be a bit of fun” said Marco. “Now we have more than 4,500 costumes for rent at “La Stranacasa” and nobody knows how many items for sale on CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM that is now considered one of the most important e-commerce players in Italy in the high quality masquerade parties. Our main focus is definetely on offering quality, both in terms of service and product range we offer and our own knowledge of the product themselves”.
“La Stranacasa”, throughout its fast-delivery-and-furious-service CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM web site, is specialized in carnival costumes and disguises (costumi di carnevale) for high quality parties.

In addition, belonging to the long experience of our 1st Halloween Center in Italy, costumes, masks, wigs (costumi, maschere, parrucche) as well as Halloween props and decorations (allestimenti), the merchandise for a spooky Halloween’s eve night is a stronghold in our offer”.
Taking a look over Marco’s and his wife Francesca’s web site, CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM, any Customer immediately feels the impressive range of costumes, masks, wigs, beards, shoes, wings, weapons to build any masquerade party.

“We have a business-to-business approach with our retail customers” says Marco “and this is extremely liked by our top-level clients. We worked and work with the best event agencies in the Country, e.g. Ambra Orfei agency, and we provide professional tools to entertainment companies such as many actors of Circo de Los Horrores as well as cooperations for costume weddings, a fabulous idea for a unique most important day in everybody’s life. We handled a Star Wars costume wedding in Sardinia and a Medieval costume wedding in Tuscany. A wonderful trip on a time machine for all guests”

“A costume wedding isn’t all that different than any regular wedding.” says Marco. “Most weddings are actually costume weddings, unless you wear formal dresses, tuxedos and evening gowns as well on a daily basis. The costume wedding is simply one in which you ask the wedding party and guests to dress up around a different specific theme and many people love it because buying a costume is often less expensive than an elegant dress.”

By the way, thanks to this so long lasting experience, their fast delivery and their English speaking, they also started a strong cooperation with Pesto Boat Agencies to provide merchandise for yacht parties that is one of their best selling ways.

We invite you to leaf through their amazing catalouge on their fabulous web site CARNIVALHALLOWEEN.COM and let yourself be inspired by the infinite possibilities to make your party the most unique.
With “La Stranacasa” you will have litless creativity and expertise at your service, feel free to contact Marco and try their unparalleled client service.

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