SIAE tax: what is that?

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today we decided to talk about a technical and fundamental aspect about the organization of an event in Italy that all the couples coming from abroad should be aware of: the SIAE tax.

Here are few questions answered to clarify what this is all about.

What is the SIAE?

The SIAE, which stands for Società Italiana degli Autori ed Editori (literally Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) is the Italian organization which collects the revenues due for the use of works protected by copyright, and redistributes this to the rightful owners and their publishers. (Take a look at

Who is in charge of the payment?

The organiser of the event is in charge of the payment of this tax. In case of a wedding, the spouses are considered the organizers, in case of a corporate event the company is the organizer and so on. This means that if you decide to have a live band (and we hope so! 🙂 ), a DJ or simply some music coming out of sound system at your wedding, you will have to pay a SIAE permit in order to have all your documents in order.

How do I get a SIAE permit from Australia!?!?

In order to buy a SIAE permit, you should go to  the SIAE office closest to the venue where your wedding is to take place. The good news is that you can delegate your Italian wedding planner or the manager of the location to pay and get the permit for you.

How much is a SIAE permit?

The cost of this tax depends on location, number of guests and  type of entertainment.

Locations are divided in two categories: standard or luxury. What makes a standard or luxury location is the price payed per person. The number of guests rate is divided in: under 100 guests, from 101 to 300 and to 301 to 1000 and over 1000 guests. The types of entertainment are two: with or without dancing. Entertainment with dancing is normally more expansive. Depending on these factors, normally for a wedding a SIAE permit goes from 150 to 350 Euro.

What is the bordereau?

The bordereau is the music program that must be compiled by the performers after the event and has to be sent back by the organizer of the event to the SIAE office where the permit was created the days following the event.

What if I don’t have a SIAE permit?

Without a SIAE permit you become eligible to have an inspection. SIAE inspectors will apply onerous penalties as set by Italian law (and will also ruin the party!!!).

What is the the ENPALS?

SIAE inspectors have also the duty to check if the musicians are members of the ENPALS (“Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e di Assistenza per i Lavoratori dello Spettacolo e Dello Sport Professionistico” which stands for “Entertainment Industry Employees Pension Organisation”) and if their contributions have been payed.  In this case, musicians are responsibile for this tax and they must show a receipt issued by the ENPALS after the payment upon request. With Musica Evento this isn’t a problem: all of our musicians are professionals and thanks to our associate AMS Coop, these documents are prepared on time for each event.

We hope these information helped you to have a clearer undertanding of this important issue. Leave your comments and quations here, we’ll answer back asap.


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