Wedding videography: meet our partners Paolo Micai and Ugo Nuzzo!

Dear readers,

if you had the opportunity to glance at our musical proposals, you must have noticed the quality of our video footage.

Behind the video clips filmed for Musica Evento there is the skillful hand of two of the best video-makers in Ligurian Riviera: Ugo Nuzzo and Paolo Micai. We have the privilege and great pleasure to work with these two high-level professionals, renowned for the fast delivery and quality of their work, as well as for their discretion.  It is  more and more rare to find such professionalism.

Ugo Nuzzo has combined the expertise gained firstly as operator, and then as director of TV productions to become a wedding filmmaker: thanks to these skills, his wedding videos are filmed just like the best movies, with a professional cutting and editing. Ugo is able to convey the emotions experienced during the wedding, keeping their spontaneity without forcing them or being invasive. His breathtaking shots, which exploit the drone technology, are able to make the location itself appear at its very best.
His videos have also a certain ironic flair, usually reserved for the backstage footage, which includes also cut-out scenes.

Paolo Micai‘s style is typically cinematic, with its constant search for the harmony between images and soundtrack, able to arouse, if well matched, strong emotions and joy tears. The cornerstones of his wedding videos are passion, professionalism and heart: Paolo focuses on quality, instead of quantity, selecting those shots that best convey the precious and crucial moments of such an important day.

If you have the chance to watch the videos of our two directors, you can’t help appreciating the high quality of their work.

To contact them, write to the address –, they are both available for your requests for quotation, if any.

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Musica Evento


Photos by Valentina Fusco


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