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Social distancing and live music: Musica Evento, with its long-standing partner Zerodieci Studio, is proud to present its virtual entertainment services.

Who said all the fun and the emotional moments are over? Social distancing does not mean you cannot be social. These are difficult times, and we need art in our lives more than ever. That is why we thought you might like the idea of bringing some Musica Evento to your virtual event!

What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. They can be corporate events, conventions, family dinners or simply an happy hour with friends. They can involve virtual live music that can reach people all over the world in the same moment.

Why a virtual event?

It is a safe way to show some love to your dear ones or, if you own a business, a great opportunity to go global and invite a significant number of clients or prospects to attend your online event. This way, you can create new connections and grow your brand awareness.


Like most of Italian live music agencies working in the destination wedding industry, we missed the stage so much this year. We strongly believe that everyone must do his/her part in the process of healing the world from the pandemic, so we found a new way to make music and keep it safe.

When streaming, our artists work in a perfectly safe environment managed only by two sound and video technicians who operate in a big recording room. We will stream from a duo up to a maximum of a band of 5 musicians, in total respect of the social distancing policy.


The streaming will take place from Zerodieci Studio, one of northern Italy’s finest recording studio.

That’s why all streaming performances will have a studio quality audio: all the precious vintage microphones, quality preamplifiers and Pro Tools, as well as a wonderful Yamaha C7 grand piano are at your full disposal!

Each performance will be shot with 4 HD cameras and will be directed in real time with an Atem Mini PRO Iso. This equipment guarantees a tv standard quality shooting that you can project on a big screen or enjoy in full screen from your laptop without losing a bit of quality.

Our picks

You can surprise your dear ones with a live streaming Christmas concert on Zoom or wow the guests of your virtual event with the performances of other amazing musicians. A few of our picks...

Italian Swing and Jazz Band: If you live outside Europe and you missed your annual Italy trip this year, you can still bring some Italian vibes at home with The Italian Swing and Jazz Band. This fabulous group of musicians has already performed in virtual events in New York and Los Angeles, they do not fear time difference at all! Why should they? They have Italian coffee!

Classical String Quartet: If you are fond of classical music, you can have a private streaming concert and enjoy our classical string quartet with a selection of Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert. If you are more a modern kind of person, they have an infinite list of movie scores and contemporary pop songs to entertain you with fun and uplifting rhythms.

Extra services:

We are fully equipped to record surprise videos for your dear ones. Your special song can be recorded in a real recording studio by real musicians and can be sent with a private link to your loved ones as a surprise gift. What is more meaningful than music to wow the ones you care about?

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