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Bvlgari’s Italian Jazz Night in Amman.

… What one thousand and one nights looks like.

“It’s an idyllic evening in Um Uthainah, the leaves rustle as the Jordanian breeze gently blows through them. Or perhaps it’s to the Italian music in the background that the leaves sway to…Probably both.”
CIIN Magazine

We had the pleasure of being chosen as the main act of an amazing Italian corporate event: the reopening of Bvlgari’s luxury boutique in Amman, Jordan back in July 2018.

Bvlgari Boutique is located in Time Center in one of Amman’s most luxurious shopping districts, Um Uthaina. On display Bvlgari’s Watch collection as well as its Fine Jewellery and Fine Leather products.

Our Italian Swing and Jazz Band had the honour of performing an exclusive set list of Italian songs in an elegant pop-jazz version.

The finest Italian jazz music for the best Italian night Bvlgari could wish for its brand launch. We were at the center of the venue surrounded by the most exclusive VIPs and Italian food stands, there was risotto, Parmigiano and gelato!

An unforgettable evening that we will cherish forever!