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Luxury wedding DJ service in Italy

Since we are in the era of digital music available to everyone, the search for a professional DJ may require a long time because of the vast offer you find online.
Working in the business of luxury events, Musica Evento was lucky to meet one of Europe’s most qualified DJs Paolo Petrillo, founder of luxury DJ service agency ‘Audiodress’.
‘Audiodress’ is different from other brands because they focus on their DJs building a completely tailored music flow during any event.

This may seem to be obvious for a professional, but there is quite a difference between a playlist running or randomly mixed (even if you choose the titles of the songs) and a fluent music flow that will rise step by step.
That’s why Paolo and his team called their brand ‘Audiodress’, because every single event is tailored on the client as if it was a custom made dress. Every event is different from another and unique as their clients are. Watch their showreel to understand how much ‘Audiodress’ team takes its clients needs seriously.

Since 2004 ‘Audiodress’ has been working for luxury weddings and events across Italy as well as abroad, (collecting outstanding reviews for their excellent music and service delivery). They are available to personalize your unique music flow with their DJs anywhere.

In 2020 Musica Evento and ‘Audiodress’ created a new ensemble, blending live music and DJ set with a touch of vintage feel to it; discover our Vinyl DJ, Sax and Drums Trio for amazing events in Italy.

Their motto is “don’t be undressed, be Audiodressed!”
Find out more about Paolo and ‘Audiodress’ on their official web site