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Live music entertainment: the Italian experience.

A little guide on Italian themed live music. Take a plunge in the complete Italian experience!
If you’re planning your event in Italy, you should definitely go through our little guide.

First of all, we’ll spend a few words on why your destination event in Italy will be 100% successful.
Here are four good reasons to plan your event in Italy:

SETTING – From north to south Italy has an incredible variety of natural settings to offer. For example the glorious mountains in Trentino and Valle D’Aosta, the elegant calm of the Italian Lakes; the breathtaking views of the Tuscan hills, the colourful and vibrant coasts of the islands Sardinia and Sicily; the romantic warmth of the Amalfi Coast. You can gift your guests with the most iconic landscape to surround them during your memorable event.

LOCATIONS – You will be surprised by how many different styles you can choose from. If you dream of a chic event you can pick an Italian Villa with luxurious frescos and lavish gardens. Are you in love with country chic style? Then you can choose an old fashioned farmhouse transformed in an exclusive resort and spa (in Tuscany and Umbria for example). If you prefer the breeze of the sea, Italy offers astonishing locations right by the seafront (some of the best are in Positano and Portofino). If you are an art passionate, our art cities are definitely yours to pick. Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and so on…!

FOOD –  If you ask anyone in the world to name a couple of Italian specialties, they will be able to mention at least pizza and pasta! Yes, Italian cuisine is the most famous and appreciated in the world. But don’t be fooled, Italian food is not only about spaghetti, it’s about refined culinary art and strong traditions. Because Italy embraces a big variety of landscapes the culinary tradition is based on the seasonal products of the land. The secret is in the extraordinary quality of the ingredients, all 100% grown in Italy. The hidden secret? The amazing creativity and taste of Italian chefs.

ARTISTRY – Italy also gave birth to art, music, science and literature and to geniuses such as Da Vinci, Dante, Galilei, Botticelli, Verdi, etc. Due to such history, our people are among the most ingenious and creative ever. The success of luxury events in Italy is defined by the hardworking professionals in this field. Be it a top class event planner or a small artisan in a tiny workshop, Italy has a huge human and artistic heritage to share with you.

Now that you know how much beauty Italy has to offer to you, you should consider the possibility of offering your guests a 100% Italian experience embracing every aspect of Italian culture. Music plays a crucial role in the success of an event, that’s why Musica Evento wants to help you choose the perfect Italian themed entertainment for your event and make you live the Italian experience.


If you wish for your guests to experience a traditional Italian party and you want to evoke a typical Italian country festival, our Italian Folk Band will certainly be the perfect musical choice with their uplifting and fun tarantellas.

Their repertoire embraces the best Italian wedding songs and international Italian themed songs like “That’s Amore” and ”Mambo Italiano” by Dean Martin.
This Italian band has performed for many Italian themed rehearsal dinners, weddings and birthday parties. They are perfect to entertain guests at destination weddings and corporate events. Simply a must-have for Italian pizza parties or Italian themed parties!

Click here to check their information page.

If you really want to surprise your guests with an authentic taste of a typical Italian village celebration, we offer the possibility of hiring a full Italian Folk Marching Band. Their joyful music and their traditional costumes will take everybody back to the 1950s. This band is the perfect surprise act.

Photos of the marching band by Pure White Photography.


If you dream of a chic celebration with an international atmosphere, our luxury Italian Swing and Jazz Band is perfection. The band offers classic Italian songs such as “Nel blu dipinto di blu”, “Tu vuo’ fa l’americano”, “Quando quando quando” and Italian American Dean Martin’s classics like “Arrivederci Roma” and “That’s Amore”.

Their style blends Italian elegance with an international jazz sound, the perfect balance between tradition and contemporary. The band also has a full Italian set list to entertain the audience with the best Italian songs ever.

A few of their Clients…
This band is one the most requested for private events not only in Italy, their refined style and repertoire led them to perform at Bulgari’s Italian Night in Amman, Giordania; They have also performed for Huawei, Boeing, Augusta Westland, Porsche and Versace. They have taken part in more than a hundred destination weddings in Italy with Clients from all five continents.