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Female, Male Singers and Pianist

Musica Evento is proud to introduce a unique musical blend: our top seller vocalists and our solo pianist present a set list of evergreen songs that will blow your mind.

These three artists are a very unique ensemble at Musica Evento, conceived for romantic ceremonies, candle lit dinners and luxurious cocktail.

The singers are among our top seller artists with almost two decades of career in Jazz and Pop music both as singers and producers. Their set list is literally endless and they have performed together in some of the most exclusive events in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to their uncommon vocal abilities and their incredible tones, their renditions of famous hits become an emotional journey through music.

The addition of our fabulous solo pianist to this ensemble creates the perfect set for memorable music performances.

If you are looking for something that will melt your guests’ hearts, you have found it here.

Set list available upon request.