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Italian Folk Band

Our charming Italian Folk Band performs songs from the Italian Folk tradition at destination weddings in Italy and Italian-themed events.

Our charming Italian Folk Trio is composed of some of Italy’s finest jazz and folk musicians.

Thanks to their expertise and the allure of legendary Italian songs by Domenico Modugno, Dean Martin, Fred Buscaglione, and many other great artists, these musicians will bring a touch of the real Italian spirit and elegance. The sultry yet powerful voice of the male vocalist, together with the talent of the accordionist and the charismatic presence of the guitarist, will make your day special with romantic songs in Italian and in English, creating that iconic dreamy Italian atmosphere.

Italian Folk Band performs also up-tempo tarantellas and Neapolitan songs that will capture your guests’ attention: everyone will feel the need to get up and celebrate, captured by their pure Italian sound.

When you hire the Italian Folk Band, you let yourself and your guests experience the true Italian essence: class, fun and 100% Italian artistry. That is why the Italian Folk Band will bring your Italian wedding to the next level and make your Italian night unforgettable for you and for all your guests.

The Italian Folk Band offers the option to add a female vocalist and a drummer to the ensemble to enrich their sound and add more rhythm to their performance.

This fabulous Italian band gives also the possibility to choose their outfits: from a very formal suit and tie to a more traditional Italian outfit with the typical Italian hat – the “coppola” – and an informal total white outfit with a touch of red, which they can adjust to your ideal Italian dress code.

For all these reasons, this is the perfect band for wedding welcome dinner celebrations, Italian-themed events and wedding cocktails.

What Clients say about them:

  • A big thank you from the bride and groom! Your Italian band was perfect for us on our welcome dinner and really helped reach the vibe we were dreaming off. The music was awesome with great talented musicians, and we are thankful we worked with you on our lead up to our big day!

    Macy & Adam