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Sax and double bass duo

A fabulous duo of jazz musicians presents a set list of acoustic jazz, pop and bossa nova music for exclusive weddings.

Our sax and double bass duo is the perfect soundtrack to small yet glorious events.

With a set lists that includes jazz standards from the Great American Songbook to soul hits, blues and bossa nova tunes, this duo has enough swing for a band of six.

The idea was born from the musical partnership between these two extraordinary young jazz men who wanted to perform in beautiful and tiny locations where logistics are more difficult, but the quality is beyond imaginable.

The two are historic members of the Italian Swing Band and together they have performed in the most exclusive locations in Italy and abroad. They are experts in wedding cocktails, both for wedding and corporate events.

With just two instruments, they will capture everyone attention thanks to their beautiful talent and sound. In case you would like them to perform more than just the aperitif, they have a set list with lounge backing tracks to play along with and to keep the enjoyment going on.

We suggest you sit back and enjoy your cocktail, you have found the perfect entertainment for your amazing event!



Photos: Valentina Fusco – Location: Castello Coppedè