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Exclusive Streaming Concert

On Friday 11th December 2020, we gathered at Castello Coppedè, at the very heart of the Italian Riviera, to produce an exclusive live streaming Christmas Concert.

This will be a different Christmas, and everyone knows it.

It has been a tough year for the wedding industry, and we felt the urge to send a message of hope and offer a pure moment of music and light-heartedness to all the amazing professionals we had the chance to collaborate with over all these wonderful years of Musica Evento. We are not alone, and there are plenty of people out there, who are working hard to make things better for everyone and are ready to support each other through these difficult times: we will get over this together.

Take this feeling and mix it with the wish to share the stage with your fellow musicians after months without seeing each other, and there you go: you have found the special recipe of our idea! This is how we created our Christmas Concert – Live Streaming, a private concert dedicated to wedding professionals and their families.


Our Italian Swing Band performed a live set of Christmas Jazz Standards surrounded by the lavish Christmas decorations of Typelovers, an Italian luxury wedding and event agency, one of the sponsors of our concert. With their Brazilian-Italian heritage, this couple of experienced wedding planners bring joy and color to any event, be it a wedding, a birthday party or even a concert like ours.

The live event took place in the central hall of Castello Coppedè, a castle built in 1902 by the architect Gino Coppedè – who lived there himself while he was building McKenzie’s Castle in Genoa – in the peculiar style named after him. The castle preserves the original silk damasks and furniture, an authentic historic architectural treasure.

The singer of the Italian Swing Band wore a luxurious red ball gown, hand made in Italy with love by Atlahua, which is a brand based in Italy and distributing worldwide, especially in Japan, handmade wedding and cocktail dresses. The quality of the fabrics, the handcraft and that special Italian flair make this brand truly unique.


The live streaming was curated by Zerodieci Studio and Zeroedit. Their extensive technical expertise, as well its first class audio equipment, made the magic happen. Thanks to all this, the streaming was a top-quality experience, and neither a note nor an emotion was left behind.

We would like to thank our audience for connecting with us, it has been a real connection of hearts and minds.
We wish you a safe and magical Christmas with your dear ones, see you in 2021!


Concept and production: Musica Evento /
Jazz band: Musica Evento / Italian Swing and Jazz Band
Location: Castello Coppedè /
Live Audio: Zerodieci Studio /
Streaming service: Zeroedit /
Design: Typelovers Events /
Dress: Atlahua /


Photo: Francesca Ricciardi /
MUA: Marzia Pistacchio /
Hair: Nadia Tissone

Watch full streaming concert: